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Artex® BN KondyleArtex® CN KondyleArtex® CT KondyleArtex® CP KondyleArtex® CR Kondyle
Technical Data ChartArtex® BNArtex® CNArtex® CTArtex® CPRArtex® CR
SCI (Sagittal condylar inclination)35°35°-15° to +60°-20° to +60°-20° to +60°
Bennett-angel (HCI)15°0° to +20°0° to +20°-5° to +30°-5° to +30°
Protrusion----0 to 6 mm
Retrusion---0 to 2 mm0 to 2 mm
ISS (Immediate Sideshift)----0 to 1,5 mm
(per side)
Distraction---0 to 3 mm0 to 3 mm
Centric designCentric clickCentric clickCentric clickCentric lever for semi-axesCentric lever for semi-axes
Upper and lower articulator arms prevented from coming apart inadvertently in open centric by:Centric plateCentric plateCentric plateArcon-ClipArcon-Clip
Arbitrary pins for direct transfer with Artex facebownonoyesyesyes

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