Get a glimpse on the state of the art of Digital Dentistry and take the fast lane before LMT Lab Day even starts with Digital Dental Professionals from the US and all over the world. Each week, our experts will share their expectations and opinions on what’s important at this year’s LMT Lab Day.

Bob Cohen, CDT

The Amann Girrbach Motion 2 mill is the most versatile mill in its class. Like others, it can mill the most complex geometries from a zirconia or PMMA disc. Where the Motion 2 really shines, enabling a lab to produce from start to finish a milled e.max crown in under two hours, mill time just 10-15 minutes. Milled dentures, custom abutments, and more. To add accuracy, efficiency and digital capabilities to any lab, the Ceramill system should be considered and if you are at Lab Day you should most definitely see it live at the Amann Girrbach ballroom. LMT Lab Day has a lot to offer and I am sure it will be very beneficial for all its visitors again in 2018.

Friedhelm Klingenburg, CEO – Merz Dental GmbH

The LMT Lab day in Chicago is always a very special event for us. The US dental industry is most innovative and rapidly moving in digitization of dental workflows. We love to get in touch with our customers and partners at the show and jointly drive the digital revolution for the benefit of all. As pioneers for digital denture solutions Merz will be again on the forefront of this movement with our very successful “BDS-Baltic Denture System”. Together with our cooperation Partner Amann Girrbach we are now offering a complete and fully integrated solution for the fast and easy production of full dentures in a CAD/CAM system reducing the time and effort needed to minimum. It has never been easier to manufacture a full denture inhouse.

Christopher Silvoy, DMD, Better Dentistry - FDS

LMT Lab Day will be a great opportunity to see all the new product developments and launches in regard to digital dentures. With new efficiencies in impression taking techniques, scan technology, milling and especially seamlessly linked software components it has never been easier to make that switch from analog to digital. Seamlessly interlinking all system components creates a convenient workflow which shortens the time-consuming setup procedure by approximately 60% - which is why I chose to work with Amann Girrbach’s Full Denture System (FDS). It combines all these values including the newest generation of equipment. I am looking forward to seeing what the next steps in digital denture development are, including processes, equipment, software and tooth components.

Want to learn more about this topic? Then join us on 02-23-2018 | 02:00pm – 03:00pm at the LMT Lab Day in Ballroom CD South for the lecture of Christopher Silvoy, DMD with the title "Digital Dentures - In-House Solutions from the Prosthodontist's Perspective".

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Claus Pukropp, Head of Technical Marketing- VITA Zahnfabrik

Digital Dentures will definitely be the hottest topic for the upcoming LMT LAB Day. For dental labs it is vital to keep up with the digitization of lab workflows beyond crowns and bridges. For me it will be very interesting to see the latest innovations and solutions in this field. As a leading manufacturer of high-end prosthetic solutions, we at Vita are constantly striving to push the boundaries of dental applications to the next level. The upcoming LMT Lab Day is a very special one for us. I am super excited to be part of the launch of our latest break-through innovation in the field of digital full dentures: Vita Vionic. Together with our cooperation partner Amann Girrbach we are offering a unique, highest quality and comprehensive solution for the inhouse production of full dentures. Due to the unique integrated CAD/CAM workflow and an extensive training program labs will be able to extend their portfolio with digital dentures easily and within no time.

Lucas T. Lammott, CDT, M31 Dental Studio

Lab Day Chicago offers us the opportunity to experience the innumerable advancements that modern Zirconia has brought to our labs. The esthetic capabilities continue to impress me. The latest generation of Zirconia is capable of so much more than substructures. It is a highly efficient and reliable material, which has enhanced my ability to work with more predictability and precision. I am very deliberate in the products I choose for my laboratory, so whether it’s a substructure for custom layered restorations or a beautifully designed monolithic crown - Amann Girrbach’s Zirconia remains my top choice.

Want to learn more about this topic? Then join us on 02-23-2018 | 03:30pm – 05:30pm at the LMT Lab Day in Ballroom CD South for the lecture "The esthetic way to long-span implant solutions with the new generation of high-translucent zirconia of Dr. M. Cone & L. Lammott, CDT. > Register now for free

Alexander Wuensche, CDT, Zahntechnique

The trend towards long-span implant based restorations has led the industry to develop numerous solutions in order to make this process easy and reliable for every lab. Now is the time to take your lab to the next level. Standard single crowns and restorations which can be done chairside - these won’t be enough to succeed for labs in the future. We technicians must take it into our own hands and take it to the next level – a level which no chairside solutions can ever achieve.

Want to learn more about this topic? Then join us on 02-24-2018 | 10:00am – 12:00pm at the LMT Lab Day in Ballroom CD South for the hands-on workshop of Alexander Wuensche, CDT with the title “Zirconia for every situation”. > Register now for free

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