Full Denture System – More variety in 3D printed denture bases

The Ceramill Full Denture System offers the industry's broadest range of options for fabricating dentures digitally. A perfect fit is important in the fabrication of 3D printed full denture bases in combination with Ceramill FDS and the prefabricated teeth of leading manufacturers. Therefore, special attention was paid to the validation and implementation of the printing material in the Ceramill workflow when extending the range of shades.

NextDent for Ceramill Denture 3D+ is a Class IIa biocompatible printing material and is used for the fabrication of full denture bases. This printing material features excellent mechanical properties and is comparable to conventional materials for full denture bases. NextDent for Ceramill Denture 3D+ "Dark Pink" is the second shade after "Opaque Pink" to be implemented in the Ceramill workflow in the accustomed quality and is available effective immediately.

The advantages of printed full denture bases at a glance:

• Maximum productivity paired with high esthetics by combining 3D printing and prefabricated teeth from leading manufacturers
• High quality due to significantly lower shrinkage than with standard PMMA materials 
• Individual results due to different colors of the denture bases and different set-up concepts

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