Material starter kits newly defined

The new starter kits enable the user to test new materials in the daily laboratory routine in a compact form. The "Zolid FX Multilayer Starter Set" as well as the "Ceramill Units Kit" with a selection of different CAD/CAM materials have been revised and brought up to date.

Zolid FX Multilayer Starter Essential Kit

The Zolid FX Multilayer Starter Essential Kit includes the four most common blanks in laboratory routine with the shades A2/A3, B2/B3, C1/C2, D2/D3 and a height of 16 mm. The kit is available both with 98 mm blanks as well as 71 mm blanks. In addition, there is a polishing set for the perfect finishing of the zirconium oxide surfaces.

Ceramill Units – one for all!

The new Ceramill Units Set is the perfect kit for trying out a variety of CAD/CAM materials in the Amann Girrbach system. The kit contains all the important materials for a successful start, such as test material for calibrating the axes, as well as blanks made of Ceramill Wax, Ceramill PMMA, Zolid Preshades and the highly esthetic Zolid FX Multilayer material. In addition, there are also milling machine sets to start milling directly.

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