System Cooperation between Amann Girrbach and 3Shape

Since 2019-06-03, dental laboratories can use Amann Girrbach milling machines and the 3Shape CAD software to fabricate restorations with excellent fit and occlusion as well as optimal contact points for all Ceramill materials for the indications inlay/onlay/veneer, crown, bridge, abutment and therapeutic splint.

This is made possible by an optimized material database (*.dme) that is adapted to both systems. The file can be downloaded and installed by Amann Girrbach customers online in the C3 – Customer Center or directly from 3Shape. In addition, Amann Girrbach also offers a matching implant prosthetics library for Medentika titanium bases for downloading.

All validated Ceramill materials can be selected directly in the 3Shape software. And nonetheless, users will still always have the option of adapting design parameters to the situation and individual circumstances.

The 3Shape material database (*.dme), the implant prosthetics library for Medentika titanium bases as well as the installation instructions are available as of immediate.

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