High-speed scanning with maximum precision

Even shorter turnaround times with the new Ceramill Map 600+ scanner from Amann Girrbach

The fully automatic Ceramill Map 600+, Amann Girrbach's new scanner flagship for open articulator scanning, excels with outstanding precision for perfect restorations and optimally supports dental technicians in their work.

This new high-performance scanner heralds the advent of Industry 4.0 in the laboratory. The intelligent software algorithm automatically assigns the upper and lower jaws, thereby eliminating the vestibular scan and thus up to 30 percent of the manual steps in the laboratory. Due to its integrated universal carrier plate for all common types of articulators, the Map 600+ saves time-consuming plate changes and the intelligent scan height control automatically moves the object to be scanned into the best possible scanning area.

In parallel, Amann Girrbach has equipped the Map 600+ with an Ultra HD camera. The highly sensitive industrial 3D sensor with Blue Light technology ensures outstanding depth of field and a scanning accuracy of 4 micrometers. The reason being that making optimal use of the advantages of digitization and a seamless workflow, requires the model situation from the real articulator to be converted into a data set with maximum precision.

The new, more efficient calculation algorithm also reduces the matching time by up to 35 percent, depending on the indication. This reduces the active waiting time of a scanning process by up to 25 seconds. Depending on the indication, the Ceramill Map 600+ therefore provides time savings of between 15 and 38 percent.

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