Amann Girrbach will not be participating at the IDS 2021

Digital lecture series, webinars and local events instead of a major international trade fair in COVID 19 times Amann Girrbach reacts to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and announces its decision not to participate at the IDS 2021. With this proactive approach, Amann Girrbach joins the ranks of other dental companies, which will also not be participating at the IDS 2021. "Due to our responsibility... > Read more

Strategic partnership for digital growth

In the implementation of its digitalization strategy, Amann Girrbach now cooperates with further powerful technology partners for its future e-commerce activities: Spryker Systems GmbH with headquarters in Berlin and TOWA GmbH with headquarters in Bregenz, Austria. Both implement first-class commerce solutions for numerous renowned companies. Christian Ermer, Chief Marketing Officer of Amann Girrb... > Read more

Full spectrum – Zolid Gen-X shade and height extension

Industrial multilayer pre-stained zirconia blanks have established a strong positive trend in the dental market for quite some time now. To follow this trend, we have expanded our portfolio in the area of polychrome, highly translucent zirconias. With immediate effect, all standard shades and heights of the Zolid Gen-X product range are available as 98 mm blanks. In addition to the common 16 A-D V... > Read more

Optimally prepared stumps with the Zolid Preparation Dent Kit

The interaction between dentist and dental technician is particularly important before every preparation, as the preparation parameters and material requirements vary depending on which zirconia is used. Nevertheless, the following principle applies to a preparation: remove as little hard tooth substance as possible, but still as much as is required for the material thicknesses of the restoration.... > Read more

Ceramill Full Denture System: Digital – exact fit – highly esthetic – profitable

Since more than 5 years Amann Girrbach successfully developed and marketed innovations for digital full dentures.With the addition of 3D printing technology, the "Ceramill Full Denture System" offers the industry's widest range of options for digital denture fabrication - from highly esthetic and individually milled as well as 3D-printed denture bases in combination with prefabricated teeth from l... > Read more

Clearly arranged, color-sorted and in accustomed quality – the new tool portfolio from Amann Girrbach

The tool portfolio for the Ceramill machine family will be unified with immediate effect. As a result, the color-coded, convenient and RFID-coded tool packaging introduced with the Ceramill Matik, is now also available for the product families Ceramill Motion and Ceramill Mikro.In addition, the portfolio in the field of universal milling cutters was differentiated and divided into zirconium, Sintr... > Read more

Innovative and safe - the first collet wrench with integrated torque for Jäger super high frequency spindles on the market

The unique collet wrench with integrated torque enables optimum pre-tensioning of the collet. This assures you best restoration results in the long term and long-lasting milling cutters and spindle life. In addition to optimized milling results, the collet wrench also enables easier handling during machine maintenance. The collet can be removed with just one hand and without using a tool. This fur... > Read more

Giroform Pins - amendment of the safety data sheet

The safety of our customers is given the highest priority at Amann Girrbach. For this reason our products are subject to regular checks. During the testing of Giroform pins it was found that we need to add the hazardous substance lead to the safety data sheet. Due to the fact that Giroform pins are processed in a solid state, they do not pose a major risk to human health or waters. Nonetheless, an... > Read more

Project A invests in Amann Girrbach AG

Strategic partnership to accelerate digital transformation Amann Girrbach AG, a portfolio company in a fund advised by Capvis AG, is taking a further fundamental step as innovative force in the dental industry. Since the introduction of the first, fully integrated CAD/CAM system for dental laboratories in 2009, Amann Girrbach has very successfully and continuously expanded this area. With the inve... > Read more

The Show must go on: Digital Dental Show

As the coronavirus brings all trade fairs and congresses worldwide to a standstill, Amann Girrbach has set up a virtual exhibition stand with many extras for visitors. A safe event format that can be visited from May onwards at All novelties and the most important products of Amann Girrbach will be on display at the electronic exhibition stand. The focus is on ... > Read more

Covid-19 Information

Liebe Kunden- und Geschäftspartner Die Gesundheit unserer Mitarbeiter, unserer Kunden sowie deren Patienten steht an erster Stelle für Amann Girrbach. Als weltweit agierender Lieferant von Medizinprodukten nehmen wir diese Situation sehr ernst und fühlen uns verpflichtet, unseren Beitrag zur Aufrechterhaltung der medizinischen Grundversorgung zu leisten. Deswegen hat es für uns... > Read more

Zolid Gen-X – The new universal zirconium that changes everything

As a pioneer in dental CAD/CAM technology, Amann Girrbach is one of the leading innovators in the field of zirconia. For this reason we attach great importance to the optimization and expansion of our products. To meet the requirements and needs of our customers, we have created a new product, Zolid Gen-X, which combines all the positive properties of zirconia in a single material - beautiful, nat... > Read more

Hard metal milling – CoCr for Ceramill

With the new Ceramill Matik System from Amann Girrbach, laboratories can mill CoCr restorations with perfect surfaces, optimum precision and fit to the full - all in the well-proven convenient workflow. Decisive for the outstanding results which dental technicians can achieve with NPM hard metal dry milling, is the perfect coordination of all components, which Amann Girrbach was able to realize th... > Read more

Ceramill Software-Update 3.14: All the news in one brochure

The Ceramill Mind Software Update 3.14 includes a number of new features and improvements. Amann Girrbach thus takes a further step into a digitalized future in which you will benefit from simplified and customized design procedures for the creation of perfectly fitting dentures. To mention but a few examples: • The functionality of the high-end Ceramill Map 600 scanner is further enhan... > Read more

Ceramill Matik sets new standards in the areas of speed and restoration quality

The 100 delivered Ceramill Matiks are busy milling/grinding and carving day and night. Response to the innovative "Full Service Unit" is overwhelming! In addition to the simplification in material and tool management expected by customers, two key features stand out: restoration quality and speed. "Our Ceramill Matik mills faster than any other dental milling machine I have seen so far...", states... > Read more

Optimum printing results with Nextdent 5100 for Ceramill through proper care

Amann Girrbach has been present on the market for just under 1 year with the NextDent 5100 for Ceramill. The quality of the printed results and the positive customer feedback are overwhelming.To continue to enjoy printing in the long term, to achieve the best printing results and always achieve a faultless print job, proper cleaning and maintenance are required.Did you know that cleaning the lens ... > Read more

Personnel changes in the Executive Board at Amann Girrbach

Amann Girrbach AG, a leading provider of innovative solutions and consumables for the digital dental workflow, announces today that Wolfgang Reim, currently Chairman of the Company, will be replacing Peter Nicklin as CEO on an interim basis until a new CEO has been appointed. Peter Nicklin has lead the company through its ownership change from TA Associates to Capvis/Partners Group in 2018 and has... > Read more

New – Ceramill A-Temp Multilayer

At long last, the Ceramill A-Temp product portfolio for temporary restorations has been expanded to include the variant with color gradient. Ceramill A-Temp Multilayer is characterized by its continuous color gradient, which is perfectly matched to the color of Zolid FX Multilayer zirconia. This creates a consistent workflow for the fabrication of highly esthetic restorations, from the temporary t... > Read more

What do you think of our scanners?

To constantly improve our dental machines and workflows, we would appreciate your opinion. This is the only way we can ensure that we develop products that will make it possible to digitally manufacture any kind of denture for the patient in the future. In addition, there is the possibility to register as a possible beta tester for our products. The current online survey on scanners can be accesse... > Read more

Ceramill M-Center - Maintenance Work

In order to provide you with the same high quality of restorations also next year, we have to maintain and service our equipment during the holidays. This is why we won’t be able to process orders which are sent between December 23rd 2019 and January 1st 2020. Therefore please note, that orders submitted after 01:00 pm on December 19th 2019 will be delivered again from January 2nd 2020. Prod... > Read more

Ceramill Mind Update - simply versatile, simply fast, simply everything is possible!

With the Ceramill Mind Software Update 3.14 and the new software features of the Ceramill M-Gin, you can now fabricate an implant-supported bridge with gingiva portion more easily and efficiently than ever before. The new functions simplify the fabrication of hybrid constructions in particular. You now have the option of using REAX (Reliable all on-x) hybrid restorations to design the supra-c... > Read more

Cheaper printing with the Nextdent 5100 for Ceramill - price reduction for the resin tray

Maybe you have already come across the problem: you have printed a material in the NextDent 5100 for Ceramill and there is still material in the tray. What's to do? The residual material can no longer be returned into the bottle in this situation - nevertheless, the tray needs to be cleaned to be able to fill in the next material. Additional "Resin Trays“ can remedy this situation. Residual ... > Read more

More efficiency and accuracy through scanning blanks

Simply scan the IntelliCode on the packaging label and the blank is immediately transferred to the CAM software. The blank data is automatically transferred for this purpose. You save time and store the correct data - a guarantee for complete traceability.... > Read more

Esthetic management – new video tutorials in the processing technology guide

"Esthetic Management" deals with the fabrication of highly esthetic restorations from Zolid zirconia. In addition to the appropriate tools for finishing, the focus is clearly on "Education and Support". And this of course also includes video tutorials. Today they form an integral part in conjunction with instructions to help you as best possible in the processing of the materials. As already annou... > Read more

Software Update 3.14 - November 2019

The rollout of the new Ceramill Mind CAD software update 3.14 starts in mid-November. As usual, you will be informed via Auto Installer in the Mind software as soon as the update is available for you. Digital Dentures – now all the options with prefabricated teeth: With the SW update, single jaw dentures can be designed and fabricated in the Ceramill D-Flow software module. This is made poss... > Read more

New member of the Executive Board at Amann Girrbach

As part of the Amann Girrbach Group's continued growth and ongoing internationalization, the Executive Board will be strengthened by a further member. Thomas Scherer will assume Group-wide responsibility for the sales, marketing and services in his function as CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) with immediate effect. Being an internationally experienced, long-standing industry specialist, Thomas poses... > Read more

Zolid "Processing Technology“ Guide – Collection of specialist knowledge with interactive features and many tips & tricks

Proper processing of Zolid is the only way to secure the long-term success of dental restorations. The user requires detailed training documents to achieve highly esthetic results right from the start. The new Zolid “Processing Technology” guide not only accompanies the user from the CAD design to processing all the way to the final esthetics but also links online and offline informati... > Read more

We care about your safety - safety data sheets for the correct handling of our products

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are used to communicate safety-related information about our products. These are intended to provide the professional user with the data and handling recommendations necessary for handling substances and mixtures in order to be able to take the necessary measures for the protection of health, occupational safety and the environment. If you were not aware of this up to now,... > Read more

Ceramill® now “Authorized for IPS e.max®”

A new workpiece holder allows you to process IPS e.max® CAD blocks with the Ceramill® Mikro IC and Ceramill® Motion 2 milling machines. The new holder will be available with the upcoming software update 3.12, making these milling machines “Authorized for IPS e.max®”. This certificate stands for validated manufacturing procedures that allow you to achieve restorations of... > Read more

System Cooperation between Amann Girrbach and 3Shape

Since 2019-06-03, dental laboratories can use Amann Girrbach milling machines and the 3Shape CAD software to fabricate restorations with excellent fit and occlusion as well as optimal contact points for all Ceramill materials for the indications inlay/onlay/veneer, crown, bridge, abutment and therapeutic splint. This is made possible by an optimized material database (*.dme) that is adapted to bot... > Read more

The all-round sintering furnace Therm S – flexible & fast sintering

The Ceramill Therm S is the ideal addition to existing large-volume and long-sintering furnaces in every laboratory. The energy-efficient, optimally utilized sintering compartment and the autodry/autocooling, glazing and crystallization functions under atmosphere make the Therm S suitable for a wide range of applications. The furnace concept is designed such that even large span work can be sinter... > Read more

Warranty extension – NextDent 5100 for Ceramill

The NextDent 5100 for Ceramill complements the Ceramill workflow perfectly. Due to integrated indications, the user works in the familiar Ceramill environment and at the highest precision and best restoration quality. The Figure 4TM technology guarantees maximum efficiency and capacity through its unprecedented printing speed. To benefit as a customer from good results in the long term and to be o... > Read more


Every two years, the IDS is the meeting place for all the big names in the dental industry. This year too, Amann Girrbach presented a firework of new products and was one of the most frequented stands at the IDS. In addition to the Ceramill Matik, which was an absolute eye-catcher, we were also able to excel with innovations in numerous other areas. Zolid Gen-X, Therm RS, Zebris und Smile Design w... > Read more

BYT - Another Dental Magazine

With this single issue of the BYT Magazine (available exclusively in English), which was published in time to coincide with this year's IDS, we offer readers deeper insights that extend far beyond the dental field. In addition to first-class user reports from selected AG users worldwide, exclusive information on the AG product portfolio and current articles from AG's Research & Development Dep... > Read more

Ceramill CAD / CAM Notebook – Maximum Flexibility

The new high-performance CAD/CAM notebook offers highest performance and ensures flexible use in every laboratory. The hardware components specially adapted to the Ceramill System ensure fast and, above all, safe operation in everyday routine. The highlights at a glance: Maximizing productivity with high-performance hardware components Highest flexibility in the laboratory and working from hom... > Read more

The best way to mix ceramics – Ceramomix Zirconia Spatula

The ceramic spatula made of zirconium oxide is the perfect tool for the contamination-free mixing of ceramic materials. The built-in spring allows mixing under gentle pressure while at the same time preventing overloading of the zirconium oxide tip and thus ensures long-lasting satisfaction with this tool. This tool also convinces with its clean Zolid design and fits perfectly to the "Revolution" ... > Read more

Esthetic Management - As esthetics are not happenstance

Esthetic Management by Amann Girrbach makes the fabrication of highly esthetic restorations from Zolid zirconium oxide now easier than ever before. The focus is on simplifying and optimizing all work steps after milling the restoration right through to the final result. A systematic solution: the consistent expansion of the AG precision chain creates a significantly more convenient fabrication pr... > Read more

3D printing becomes part of the Ceramill System

Amann Girrbach will be able to offer its customers to use 3D printing within the Ceramill System before the end of this year. With products and materials perfectly integrated into digital workflows, which will allow the fabrication of a wide variety of indications at lower costs. In order to be able to offer the best possible solutions, Amann Girrbach has entered into a cooperation with 3D Systems... > Read more

Beautiful, efficient and now even greater flexibility with Zolid FX Multilayer in Blocks

The Zolid FX Multilayer family keeps on growing and is extended by the block form. Flexible color management meets a sophisticated holder concept and enables efficient production of different tooth shades overnight.   The Zolid FX Multilayer blocks are available in 16 VITA shades as well as with both an Amann Girrbach and a universal mandrel for third-party systems. This allows the material ... > Read more

Happy Birthday!! Ceramill Sintron turns 5

To mark the 5th anniversary of Ceramill Sintron, we are focusing on the telescope technique and also presenting outstanding showcase models from users all over the world. Jörg Schönthal, enthusiasctic user and successful trainer for Ceramill Sintron delivers exciting news on the topic. In a step-by-step video he guides through all important steps in the fabrication of tertiary structure... > Read more

Amann Girrbach announces the final closing of the transaction between Capvis and TA Associates to acquire the majority share of the company

Koblach (Austria) 05.06.2018 As part of the closing of the transaction and new ownership, Amann Girrbach AG also announces changes to its Supervisory Board. With immediate effect Jonathan Meeks and Birker Bahnsen step down from the Supervisory Board and are succeeded by a new Supervisory Board headed by Dr Wolfgang Reim as new Chairman. The company also announces that Peter Nicklin steps down as ... > Read more

Zolid HT+ Preshades - Now available in 16 VITA Shades

Natural esthetics, efficient workflows and reproducible results - not a problem with Zolid HT+ Preshades. The industrially pre-stained blanks in 16 tooth shades are perfectly matched to the VITA Classic shade key and deliver attractive dentures without compromises. Same as already with Zolid HT+ white, Zolid HT+ Preshade combines natural esthetics with outstanding mechanical properties. With incr... > Read more

New: Ceramill PEEK White

Ceramill PEEK is a high-performance polymer suitabel for the digital fabrication of removable and fixed restorations. The Ceramill PEEK portfolio is complemented by a "white" version and thus provides an optimal basis for outstanding red-white aesthetics. The blanks are available in dental arch form (71mm) and round (98mm). The heights are available analogue to the already existing blanks Ceramil... > Read more

Ceramill Tools. Stay on top of things!

In order to have an overview of this diversity as to which material can be processed with which holder on which of our machines with which tool, we have presented our tools and holders in a clearly arranged matrix. Go to the milling machine and holder matrix.     ... > Read more

The new Map+ Scanner generation - fast and diverse

With its Map+ generation, Amann Girrbach sets a new benchmark for laboratory scanners. Easier, faster and with many innovations. In addition, we were also able to implement many of the new features on the existing models. Over the next few weeks we will show you what our Ceramill DNA scanner generation is capable of in various application videos. The following workflows will be presented amo... > Read more

Material starter kits newly defined

The new starter kits enable the user to test new materials in the daily laboratory routine in a compact form. The "Zolid FX Multilayer Starter Set" as well as the "Ceramill Units Kit" with a selection of different CAD/CAM materials have been revised and brought up to date. Zolid FX Multilayer Starter Essential Kit The Zolid FX Multilayer Starter Essential Kit includes the four most common blanks... > Read more

Double the service life when grinding with the spindle cap 3.0

A new spindle cap doubles the service life of the grinders for carving/thrilling/parallel grinding through improved irrigation and thus reduces tool costs by 50%. Features: _ 3 nozzles for 360° irrigation of the grinders _ Doubling the service life of the grinders and thus halving of grinding costs _ Easy assembly in few steps _ Compatible for all Motion 2 types   The spindle cap 3... > Read more

Win the Artex CR as a special limited edition

On the occasion of the 100.000 Artex Carbon articulator sold, there’s a highly limited, black edition of the Artex CR out now. And you can win one of two devices RIGHT NOW! On the occasion of the 100,000th sold Artex Carbon articulator, Amann Girrbach will introduce an extremely limited special edition of its Artex CR bestseller for analogue functional design. The subtle, yet striking, blac... > Read more

Ceramill Zolid HT+ Preshades – stable, economical, aesthetic

Natural aesthetics, efficient workflows and reproducible results - not a problem with Zolid HT+ Preshades. The industrially preshaded blanks in 16 tooth shades are perfectly matched to the VITA classical shade key and deliver attractive restorations  without compromises. Zolid HT+ Preshade combines natural aesthetics with outstanding mechanical properties. With increased translucency an... > Read more

Ceramill Argovent 2 - Greater capacity and considerably more efficient

The new Ceramill Argovent 2 gives the processing of Ceramill Sintron an entirely new meaning in terms of "Economy and handling". Thanks to this new development, the costs per unit can be reduced yet again. An improved sealing and thermal conductivity concept has led to an increase in capacity of 25% at unchanged gas consumption. This uses distortion-free ceramics with a special surface quality,... > Read more

New Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Amann Girrbach announced the appointment of Mr. Peter Nicklin as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Rainer Baule, the previous Chairman of the Supervisory Board, resigned from his position and remains a member of the Supervisory Board.  Peter Nicklin has extensive global experience across the healthcare industry which he brings with him to the Amann Girrbach Group. ... > Read more

Ceramill Software Update available shortly

The Ceramill CAD/CAM Update (Release 3.6 I 2017) will be available shortly for all our Ceramill customers with the following topics: _ Carving for Ceramill Motion 2 (DNA) _ Speed milling/dry milling of splints for Micro 5X/Ceramill Motion 2 (all generations) _ Multiple holders for Ceramill Micro IC _ Integration of the new materials (Zolid HT+ White, Zolid FX Preshade and VITA ENAMIC multiColo... > Read more


VITA ENAMIC multiColor combines the known advantages of VITA ENAMIC with a highly efficient fabrication workflow. As of immediate, the VITA ENAMIC multiColor blocks with an integrated truly natural shade gradient are available to users in six finely graduated layers from the neck to the incisal edge.  Even without customising, the dual network structure of this material allows for highly aes... > Read more

Speed up your lab - The new DNA+ scanner generation

The new DNA+ scanner generation sets new standards in precision, flexibility in use, convenience and speed. The main focus in developing the Ceramill Map400+ and Map200+ was on massively reducing scan and matching times. The new generation can therefore provide the advantage of up to 50% saving in time in the scan procedure, depending on the indication.  With new features such as colour... > Read more

Ceramill Therm S - The quick, flexible sintering solution

The Ceramill Therm S gives the laboratory a new level of flexibility and represents the perfect extension of your Zirkonia furnace equipment. It allows the sintering of single restorations in only 2 hours. Furthermore, the compact, energy-efficient furnace impresses, above all, with its range of applications.  The Therm S provides not only the ability to sinter up to 6-unit restorations and ... > Read more

Setting new standards - Ceramill Zolid FX Multilayer in 16 A-D shades

Ceramill Zolid FX Multilayer (SHT) zirconia blanks with seamless shade and translucency gradients are now available in 16 VITA shades and three heights (14 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm).  Ceramill Zolid FX Multilayer guarantees a high degree of aesthetics, efficiency and economy for your lab. Two VITA tooth shades can be simultaneously covered in a single blank thanks to the intelligent nesting concept.... > Read more

Perfect Finishing. Ceramill Green State Finishing Kit by Knut Miller

The Ceramill Green-State Finishing Kit provides users with the optimum instruments for finishing Ceramill Zirconia or Ceramill Sintron restorations before the sintering process. This set separates restorations, trims pins and produces the finest detail definition with outstanding efficiency. The special instruments developed in collaboration with dental technician Knut Miller significantly contri... > Read more

The first DNA Generation unit

We congratulate Julien Krämer (29, Master Dental Technician and owner of Krämer Dental Laboratory, in Lampertheim, Germany) and his whole team!  At the beginning of december Julien Krämer was thrilled to install the very first Ceramill DNA generation unit – a Ceramill Motion 2 – in his lab. The lab manager founded the laboratory in January 2015 after his training, ... > Read more

Ceramill M-Gin for REAX Bridges - 5 Reasons for opting for REAX

The Ceramill M-Gin software module enables easy digital fabrication of fixed restorations with gingiva sections on implants - so-called REAX (Reliable All on X). The following are 5 reasons why you should opt for the M-Gin. 1. Plug and Play for everyone: Complex restorations on implant bridges can be quickly and easily fabricated using the Ceramill M-Gin module. The Wizard integrated in the softw... > Read more

Ceramill Mikro IC - anticipation is tremendous!

Carving – a new processing mode goes around the world. In recent weeks, Ceramill Mikro IC has provided plenty to talk about in the dental world. Mikro IC sets new standards in the market with 9-15 minutes processing time per produced unit with only one processing spindle. The Mikro IC also impresses with its solid construction and resulting high quality of the restorations, the innovative, ... > Read more

IDS 2017 - The Countdown is on

  In a few weeks the biggest dental fair, the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany, will open its doors for the 37th time. Our customers can also look forward to exciting, innovative new products this year.  We are already providing a very special service before the beginning of the fair for those hungry for news: from 23 January we are starting our “Route to the ... > Read more

Ceramill DNA – Performance line.

Amann Girrbach has regularly set new trends for CAD/CAM-based fabrication of restorations with the Ceramill brand of CNC desktop units. The highly precise milling systems and key components of the Ceramill CAD/CAM system have become an impulse generator and global standard for digital in-house fabrication. Using this expertise to influence construction components, machine design, milling strategie... > Read more

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